Pay for Class

You've already registered on the DeepFeet Bar Therapy website and have paid your deposit- reserving your spot.  Now it's time to pay your remaining balance.  All balances should be paid two weeks prior to your class start date.  You will receive an email at least two weeks prior to class.

Things to Bring

  • You'll want to wear fitted leggings.  If your leggings are loose make sure they are capris.  Ladies, if you wear capris, please be kind to your practice partner and shave your legs before class.
  • Pens, highlighters, etc for the classroom part of the workshop.
  • Lunch.  We have a full kitchen to refrigerate, warm-up, cook, etc.  For restaurants nearby please see The Studio page.
  • Plenty of snacks.  Your blood sugar will spike between giving and receiving Ashiatsu massage.
  • Water bottle.  We have reverse-osmosis water at the studio.
  • Oil AND Massage Cream
  • Slippers, Flip Flops, Foot File


  • Two Sets of Sheets and Face Cradle Covers- One for you, one for your Guest Client Practical
  • Two King Size Pillowcases
  • Three Hand Towels
  • Two Washcloths

Linen Rental Available: $15/day


Flexibility & Fitness

Ashiatsu massage is a fun and fantastic modality to practice.  You get into a nice rhythm and the strokes can seem to just flow sometimes, like a dance.  But, there is a level of fitness needed to seamlessly move through the protocols and around the table without disrupting your client. 

Don't be discouraged if you find yourself exhausted and a little sore after Day One.  This is normal and to be expected.  You will build strength throughout your practice sessions and in your business.  Here are some helpful tips to get you going before you come to class.

  • Strengthen your core.  Do what you like the best to accomplish this.  Below is a video of an exercise that mimics the movement of our seated routine.
  • Strengthen your arms.  We pull ourselves up frequently using upper body strength.  You are going to get a fabulous workout everyday doing Ashi.
  • Stretch your calves.  Some protocols are easier if we pin specific limbs as we work. Sustained dorsi-flexion of the foot is needed in order to pin rather than put weight upon the client.


Get Sweet Feet

  • Get a pedicure.  Or make sure your toenails are short and filed.  Pretty nail polish is always nice too.
  • Use a Foot File to soften the skin on your heels. You can test the softness of your feet on the inside of your forearm.
  • Take off your shoes and go Barefoot!  Play around with different things that you wouldn't normally touch.
  • Try massaging one foot with the other, listening to what both of your feet are feeling.


Building Foot Dexterity for Ashiatsu- My pug, Frankie, hates having feet on him! I play this game to see if he can tell if I'm petting him with my hands or my feet. This a great exercise for building ankle and foot dexterity and improving "listening" skills.